Best of the West FAQ

How do I get a business listed?

You can write in your business name in any appropriate category.  If your business doesn’t have a category, you can buy a ballot page ad and we will start a new category.  With over 100 categories this is the only way we will add a new category this year.

How do we keep businesses from stuffing the ballot?

Our system will only allow one vote per email.  We do check IP addresses to insure there is no robots voting.

How did you pick the first three businesses on the ballot?  The first three on the ballot are the top winners from last year’s Best of the West contest. All other businesses have been written in by voters.

How did you pick the categories on Best of the West –

We review the categories every year from previous years.  We look at voter interest, businesses who advertised in last year’s magazine and try to mix it up and add some fun entries each year.

I’ve heard the winners are rigged and only advertisers win.

Nope, winners are only determined by the number of votes they receive from the community.

Why isn’t there a submit button?

When you complete your ballot it will come back to the top.  This is so you can go through and change votes throughout the voting period if you would like.  Your votes will be counted.

Can I attend the Best of the West event at Two Rivers on April 11?  Yes, tickets are on sale at 970tix.com for $15.  The top three winners in each category will receive two complimentary tickets to the event.